Terms and Conditions for the Promotions

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Terms and Conditions for the Promotions

The AMEGA General Terms and Conditions (hereinafter referred to as the "Terms and Conditions") for the Promotions (hereinafter referred to as the "Company") define the general procedure and the terms of the Company promotions.

These Terms and Conditions are supplementary to the Client Agreement and must be carefully read and accepted by the customer, as they determine the conditions of promotions held by the Company.

  1. General Provisions
    1. Only registered and verified customers of the Company are eligible to participate in promotions.
    2. Participation in promotions is restricted to users aged 18 and over.
    3. The following can be changed for each individual promotion:
      1. promotion start/end time and date
      2. promotion registration start/end date and time
      3. trading conditions
      4. prize fund,
      5. limitations,
      6. the number of prizewinners
      7. distribution of prizes order
      8. other conditions
    4. By participating in this promotion the customer accepts these Terms and Conditions, the Client agreement, and the additional Terms and Conditions of every individual promotion.
  2. Prizes and the rules of distribution of bonus funds
    1. Bonus funds or other prizes stated in the promotion can be offered as prizes.
    2. Bonus funds are the property of the Company.
    3. The validity period of credited bonus funds is not limited, unless otherwise explicitly stated in the promotion.
    4. Both the customer’s own funds and trading profits received using bonus funds are available to be withdrawn at any time unless otherwise explicitly stated in the promotion.
    5. Bonus funds are available for withdrawal after the required trading volume using any trading instruments available on the terminal at a rate of 1 lot per every $1 of bonus has been reached.
    6. There should be a real trading account for crediting bonus funds for every individual promotion.
    7. Bonus funds can be canceled in the event of violations of the Client Agreement, these Terms and Conditions, or the additional Terms and Condition of each individual promotion.
    8. The opening of opposite transactions using one financial instrument on different trading accounts with bonus funds held by one (several) Client(s) is prohibited.
  3. General Promotional Restrictions
    1. The use of anonymous proxy servers is prohibited.
    2. Two or more customers with the same IP address are prohibited from participating in promotions.
    3. Customers’ relatives who are already participating in the promotion are prohibited from participating.
    4. Company employees and their relatives are not allowed to take part in promotions.
  4. Final provisions
    1. In the event that the client violates the Client Agreement, these Terms and Conditions or the additional Terms and Conditions of individual promotions, the Company has the right to cancel a participant's results, prizes and profit received using bonus funds.
    2. The list of the promotional restrictions specified in Paragraph 3 of these Terms and Conditions is not exhaustive. The Сompany reserves the right to resolve any disputes at its discretion.
    3. The Сompany reserves the right to make amendments to the terms and conditions of promotions as it deems necessary.
    4. The Сompany reserves the right to exclude a customer from participating in a promotion without giving any reasons.
    5. The Company has the right to close the promotion without giving any reasons.

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