AMEGA CPA Affiliate program

AMEGA CPA is an affiliate program in which our partners receive a fixed remuneration of 100 USD for each new client they refer to AMEGA.

Terms and commission amounts:

  • One-off remuneration of 100 USD, once a referred client has traded 10 lots.
  • Withdrawals can be made 24/7.
Volume required
AMEGA Level 2
AMEGA Level 3
10 lot
100 USD

Please note! Affiliates do not receive commission for trades made using cryptocurrencies. Some account types are not eligible to participate in the affiliate program. You can find out more about account types in the Affiliate Program section here: Help Center.

Example of earning

Let's assume that 20 of 25 referred traders have traded the required volume:

  • 20 referred clients trade the required volume of 10 lots (commission: 2,000 USD)
  • Remuneration from Level 2 referrals: 20% (commission: 600 USD)
  • Remuneration from Level 3 referrals: 10% (commission: 800 USD)
Total remuneration: +3,400 USD